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I’m Nervous to Answer My Door to Strangers – Can a Security Door Help

I’m Nervous to Answer My Door to Strangers – Can a Security Door Help?


Living alone has lots of advantages. You can do what you want, when you want, the way you want, without being accountable to anyone. But, for all the freedom you can have lived alone, you also have to take a more vigilant approach to home security if you live in a single household. A quality security door can greatly improve your level of protection at home as well as proving you with peace of mind.

 If you live alone, an unknown knock at the door can be terrifying, especially if it is at night, or if you are feeling vulnerable. Unfortunately, is it unwise to ignore a knock at the door as this is often how thieves check to see if a home is uninhabited but, answering a door can put you in a defenseless position, and leave you vulnerable to whoever has knocked at your door? So, what should you do?

What should I do if I live alone and a stranger knocks at my door?

Firstly, never, ever ignore the knock! If it is a thief at your door, they may think there is no one home and take the opportunity to break-in.

It’s also important not to blindly open your front door. A recent study conducted by Budget Direct Australia found that terrifyingly in 11.8% of break-ins, the victim experienced a confrontation with the offender. If you don’t have a security door in Melbourne, you could try using a nearby window to peek at who’s there, but otherwise, the best thing to do is get into the habit of always asking, “who is it?” before you open your door. This will indicate to the visitor that there is someone home, and it requires the visitor to identify themselves so that you are not opening your door to an unexpected situation. If you’re still uncomfortable opening your door, for example, if it is a delivery person, simply carry on the conversation through the door, or ask them to leave the package or return at a different time when you can arrange for someone else to be home.

Here are some home security features that can help to make it safer for you to answer your door if you live alone:

  • A security door or entry enclosure;
  • A security camera, or video doorbell;
  • Install a peephole in your front door;
  • Install a door chain lock, so that your front door doesn’t have been fully opened;
  • Consider getting a dog – great for company and great for deterring thieves;
  • Ensure your entryway is very well lit and visible from the street if possible, this will deter thieves as it will prevent them from approaching your home unseen.

What are the advantages of having a security door if you live alone?

A quality security door is a great feature to have at your home if you live alone as it will enable you to answer your front door without putting yourself in harm’s way. With a security door, you can open your front door to see who has knocked without actually opening or unlocking your security door. You are then able to see and talk with your visitor before deciding whether to fully open your house up to them.

A security door will act as a visual deterrent to a thief, as most intruders gain entry through a door and access the property within five minutes. An Australian Standards-approved security door presents a more challenging obstacle for a thief to break through as they are designed to withstand forced entry attempts, even if the perpetrator is using tools to break in.

Security doors are available in a range of different designs and styles and can be upgraded with DVA mesh (Diminished Vision Aluminium), also known as privacy or one-way mesh, to further protect your property. DVA mesh is designed as an additional feature for security doors and windows to improve the level of home protection by restricting the ability of visitors to see into your home. Home occupants can clearly see through the mesh screen to see who is outside their door or window, but a visitor would not be able to see into the home or see someone answering the door clearly through the mesh.

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