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How to cook steak for a blasting summer entertainment party in 2021


An Aussie Summer picnic party or a beach party is a perfect time for firing up the barbeque. While green vegetables or fresh salads filled with cucumber, lettuce and tomato are sure to appear, grilled meat often takes pride of place on the table. A quick, simple and delicious way to feed one or many – sizzle steak on the BBQ, grill one in your favourite cast iron pan and commend yourself on a dinner well done (or rare). We spoke to our friends at Meatsmith to discover their top tips for how to get cooking steak perfect, every time.

How to cook steak for a blasting summer entertainment party in 2021
How to cook steak for a blasting summer entertainment party in 2021

Choose your steak

Meatsmith has a great range of beef steaks available in store or online. Depending on how many you’re cooking for, here are some cuts that are especially good right now:

  • Dry aged O’Connor Beef steaks: aged at Meatsmith for up to 6 weeks for enhanced flavour, less moisture and increased tenderness. These big steaks will serve as a breathtaking centrepiece for your dinner spread.
  • O’Connor Scotch fillet: Scotch fillet is a cut that comes from an area of the animal that doesn’t need to do a lot of work – which is why this particular steak is a reliable cut, staying nice and tender when cooked. The Meatsmith O’Connor scotch fillets are premium quality with beautiful colour and great flavour, making them a dependable and quick midweek bbq dinner option.
  • Eye Fillet Steak: With a supremely tender texture, this is perfect for grilling on the BBQ. Dependable and delicious, try Meatsmith’s O’Connor Eye Fillet
  • Minute steak: As the name suggests, they can be on the table in a flash. Thinly sliced sirloin marinated in olive oil, parsley, garlic and capers, a quick sear in a hot pan is all they need before they are ready for your steak sandwich or to sit alongside a simple salad.

Rare, Medium or Well done?

Depending on your taste, the cooking time will vary if you prefer a rare blue steak or a well-cooked one. Start by heating a pan over a medium-high heat before you put your steak in. Instead of pouring oil into your pan, try brushing your steak with it to stop it sticking. A rough guide for a 2cm thick steak is 2-3 minutes each side for rare, 4 minutes for medium and 5-6 minutes for a well-done steak.

Only turn your steak once

This prevents your meat from drying out. Meatsmith also recommends using tongs which might seem obvious, but it will prevent piercing the meat and allowing those precious juices to escape.

Always rest your meat

Perhaps the most important part of cooking meat is allowing it to relax after cooking. You can cover it with a tea towel and set aside somewhere warm for 3-5 minutes. The juices will redistribute through the meat again and ensure a juicy, tender result.

Pair with a delicious sauce

A great steak needs a perfect partner, and Meatsmith’s house made condiments can elevate your steak experience to something even more magical. Designed to complement your steak, there’s one for every taste. Our pick at the moment? Try a pepper sauce for a savoury, rich and zingy kick to your steak.


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