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Blue light glasses are the latest craze for netizens 2021 Australia-Buy Cheap Best Sunglasses Online Sale Shopping Store Australia

Blue light glasses are the latest craze for netizens in 2021 Australia

Whether you are scrolling on Instagram or Twitter, netizens love to show their new blue light blocking glasses and it indeed is a proud moment for global online eyewear retailer, VisionDirect, who has championed it in preventing harmful radiation of blue light. With tremendous expertise in the eyewear retail sector, VisionDirect has been working at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology in eyeglasses and lenses. The online eyeglass giant, led by some young expertise, has found crucial achievement with their attractive blue light blocking eyeglasses.

People, who have bought and used the blue light blocking eyeglasses from VisionDirect are in awe of it as many news and media houses have regularly featured the company in their channels which somehow proves their satisfactory customer base getting effective results in minimizing the effects of blue light to their eyes. 

What led VisionDirect to launch blue light blocking technology? 

Although there is no scientific detailing of the harmful effects of blue light emission or radiation, yet eye care specialists and doctors have frequently found that people wearing blue light glasses have got positive results from it. Many customers have used Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to state their experiences and benefits of blue light blocking eyeglasses. 

One Twitterati wrote that he can work as long as 14 hours a day with his new blue light blocking eyeglasses and not even worry about the eye strain. Hannah, another Twitter handle says, she is feeling more comfortable with her new blue light blocking eyeglass that has given her world a slight orange tint. Shirley, a web blogger, and reader, is also in praise of her new blue light glasses. 

However, much before these satisfactory comments and praises, VisionDirect had to overcome various issues that would later turn into a hi-tech treatment against the blue light menace.  4 aspects were drawn by the young entrepreneurs of VisionDirect to arrive at a solution. 

4 aspects that proved crucial for VisionDirect in the launch of blue light blocking technology

  1. Comfort for Eyes: VisionDirect performed a general survey and found that most of the working professionals in the digital world are exposed to over 15 hours of blue light radiation, either from various digital devices (Mobile, Tablets, and TVs) or laptops or computers that are constantly emitting blue light. Hence, it became essential to deliver more comfort for young working adults.
  2. UV Protection: UV rays were another aspect that was also considered while making blue light blocking eyeglasses. As UV rays can cause eye irritation and rapid aging of the eyes, VisionDirect has added various features to add more UV protection to the eyes.
  3. Other protection for eyes: VisionDirect, also had to consider the rapid rise of visual fatigue among the youths and working professionals. The new lightweight eyeglasses with plastic frames and hi-tech lenses from VisionDirect are a perfect match for easing visual fatigue and eye strain.
  4. Improved Sleep: One of the main problems caused by blue light is sleep disorders, which may turn into serious insomnia, hypertension, and cardiac issues. To overcome this issue, VisionDirect has been successful in providing zFORT™-powered eyeglasses, a legendary blue light blocking technology. Many experts have suggested using zFORT™-powered eyeglasses all the time as they have no side-effects while providing sound sleep and protection to the eyes against blue light emission.

Check the most popular blue light blocking eyeglasses from VisionDirect

Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808004: With a trendy polished design and grayish look, Oakley OX8080 comes is available at VisionDirect with a range of prescription lenses to choose from. With a 24-month warranty, this is the top choice among many Asians and Australian working professionals.